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Twitter and Billboard team up to make beautiful music trend tracking

Twitter Billboard Music Charts
Tracking the real-time music discussion

Twitter is adding all sorts of social media doodads to its service this week, and now it's partnering up with Billboard to bring real-time music charts.

The company announced a new partnership with the music charting company in a - you guessed it - tweet, plus a blog update. Together the two companies hope to turn everyday conversations and mentions into real-time music charts.

Although service is not up yet, a live chart will be pop up on Billboard's webpage to show visitors which tunes are hot and trending.

Those in the music industry will find the charts useful for seeing how they're topping out on Twitter and taking a glance at how their fellow musicians are performing.

Topping the charts

In the same breath, Twitter and Billboard said they will advertise the charts to a wider audience using custom in-tweet charts and weekly music round-up videos embedded in tweets.

Just a few days ago, Twitter said it would shut down its dedicated #Music app, the company's original experiment with trending music, on April 18. The service was powered by Spotify and it had its share of issues which prevented users from setting up a playlist to listen to more than one song at a time.

With this new solution in place, Twitter can track and advertise music without the hassle of actually having to host a streaming service. Instead, it can now just deliver metrics in tweets and through Billboard's site.