20 websites you never realised you needed

15. Make specialist web searches
Google is an excellent all-round search engine, but if you need more specialist results then it makes sense to turn to Search.io. In a couple of clicks you can choose to search for books, fonts, lyrics, recipes, stock photos and more. It then submits your key words to the best search engines for that categories, and displays everything they return in a series of tabbed results pages. It's a powerful tool, and highly recommended if a regular Google search returns too many hits.

16. Synchronise your profiles
Creating several social-networking profiles usually seems like a good idea, until you realise the effort that goes into maintaining them. Atomkeep is ready to help out by updating all your account details from one central location. It works with more than 30 of the most popular sites right now (MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, digg, last.fm, Linkin and others) with more to be added soon, and if you've accounts on four or more of these sites then Atomkeep could be a real time-saver.

17. Hold online meetings
You might be writing a report for work, organising an event for your club, or planning a wedding - the details don't matter. What's important is that you need to chat with several people to discuss what you're doing, and there's no better web solution for that than Yuuguu. It allows you to hold an online meeting for up to 30 people, share your screen, and even work together on producing documents, while integrated instant messaging lets everyone join in the chat. Corporate sites charge big money for this kind of thing, but inexplicably Yuuguu are offering it for free. So hurry, try it now, before they change their mind.

18. Send huge files
We love email, but there's one area where it's seriously limited: attachments. The technology isn't designed to move large files at speed, and so many accounts don't allow email attachments greater than 10MB in size. If you want to send something larger then you could upload it to a file-hosting site like RapidShare, but these have size limits, too, and usually apply other restrictions and hassles in an effort to persuade you to buy a premium account.

PipeBytes takes a different tack, creating something like a private P2P connection. This means you can only send the file to one person, but they start downloading the file while you're still uploading it, and there's no size restriction - the file can be as large as you like.

19. Never forget anything again
Remember the milk is the ultimate 'to do' list manager. Adding new tasks is as simple as sending an email, even from your phone. Flexible management options let you prioritise tasks, postpone them if necessary or set them to repeat at the frequency you need. Google Maps can be used to show you where your task is located in the real world, and you can get reminders via email, SMS and all the main instant messengers, as well as on the BlackBerry, the iPhone/ iPod Touch, or any web-enabled mobile phone.

20. Create an online mix tape
Mixwit is absolutely the easiest way to create a custom online mix tape. The process starts by using the built-in search engines to locate the artists and tracks you need (or you can point it at music files of your own, if they're available online). You can then add photos, images, or custom artwork of your own. Add a skin, maybe some text, then share your work by posting the mix tape to MySpace, Facebook, Blogger and more.

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