Twitter stat attack: 5 per cent of Twitter users are now in the UK

Twitter stat attack: 5 per cent of Twitter users are now in the UK
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There are now over 10 million active Twitter users in the UK, according to Twitter's latest stat attack.

Given that the site has over 200 million users worldwide, that means that the British make up around 5 per cent of Twitter's tweeters.

It's a little more than the 4,427,000 users that Nielsen feared may represent Twitter's UK peak back in January 2010, which just goes to show that you can't 100 per cent trust stats in 83 per cent of cases.

Doing the math

In an effort to tempt more advertisers into the Twitter fold, the site has done a bit of research into what those UK tweeters get up to, finding that 80 per cent of the British users access Twitter from their phones.

That's a higher proportion than global mobile twitterers - of the 200 million world-wide users, 60 per cent use the service via mobile at least once a month.

Sadly, this mobile power is leading to poor social ettiquette by twittering from social situations (1 in 3) and from bed (50 per cent), as well as in front of the TV (66 per cent).

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