Twitter exec reveals on Twitter that Twitter's to get a search overhaul

Twitter exec reveals on Twitter that Twitter s to get a search overhaul

A major search update is incoming from Twitter, as the micro-blog gears itself for one of its biggest changes yet.

According to Pankaj Gupta, head of the personalisation and recommender systems group at Twitter, search functionality on the service is about to go through its biggest change yet and we should see the fruits of this in the coming days.

The tweet explained: "Search & discovery in @twitter set to change forever after tmrw. Team - congrats and enjoy the enormity of ur impact few understand today!"

Search me

Now, as much as we love Twitter as a source of endless information wrapped up in a 140-characters or less package, the search on the service leaves a lot to be desired – so any change has got to be a good thing.

Twitter has managed to spruce up its recommendations of late, which is great, but lets hope changes to the search and discovery mean you can actually look through your followers as you would say the contacts on your phone.

Other than his initial tweet, Gupta has given nothing away but he did reply to one person on Twitter, saying: "You owe me lunch. Told you I could get on Techmeme."

At least he knows that changing Twitter's search parameters is something many people have been waiting a long time for.