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Best landing page creator of 2020

Best landing page creator
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If you want to reduce your website's bounce rate, capture leads and increase your sales, then having a great landing page is essential for your content marketing. A landing page is, in effect, giving your website visitors a first impression of you and your company. 

As a result, not only does it need to look attractive on first sight, but it also needs to be accessible, and functional, while displaying a degree of originality to stand out from the crowd. Of course, the contents of your landing page will differ depending on the product or service you offer, but there are elements that can commonly be found on successful landing pages. 

They could include anything from a video that demonstrates the value your company can offer, to a contact form that clearly explains the benefits of signing up to your mailing list, to awards that show off your past success. 

Of course, in online marketing terms you also need a strong Call-To-Action and landing pages can be a great way to use A/B split testing for this. You can use landing pages for general web visitors, as part of an advertising campaign, or through email marketing.

If you're not sure where to start with your landing page, take a look at some of the best landing page creators that are available now, below.

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Best landing page creators - at a glance

  1. Hubspot
  2. Unbounce
  3. Leadpages
  4. Mailchimp
  5. Instapage
  6. Wishpond
  7. Lander
  8. GetResponse
  9. Landingi
  10. Wix


(Image credit: Hubspot )

1. Hubspot

Landing pages and more

No design skills needed
Built-in optimized templates
Interactive editor
Personalized pages

Hubspot is a marketing software suite with many talents, one of which is allowing you to create and test landing pages that generate leads without the help of designers. It comes with a built-in library of mobile-optimized templates, which can be tweaked using an interactive editor that lets you add copy and insert images anywhere on the page. 

Additionally, you can personalize landing pages for individual visitors, setting them to display personalized content, in addition to CTAs (call to actions) and more. Hubspot also allows you to dynamically share different content types based on your visitors’ location, source, device used, and other fields that can be automatically uploaded to your CRM.


(Image credit: Unbounce )

2. Unbounce

Landing pages to maximize conversions

Optimize campaigns
No need for developers
Targeted pop-ups
Customizable templates

Looking to get more conversions? Then give Unbounce – a landing page creation suite used by companies including Later, Helix and Zola – a try. It can help you drive conversations by building, launching, and optimizing custom landing pages that are suitable for any campaign. Better yet, none of this requires the assistance of developers. 

Unbounce’s pop-ups and sticky bars can help you drive more leads and get revenue from pages by showing targeted pop-ups and sticky bars for specific users. Its powerful landing page builder makes it easy to recreate mockups of brand concepts from scratch, or you can save time by starting with one of its many customizable templates.


(Image credit: Leadpages)

3. Leadpages

Landing pages for small businesses

Easy integration
Mobile templates
Drag and drop
A/B split testing

Leadpages helps turn customers into clicks by connecting small businesses with audiences to collect leads and close sales. It can be easily integrated into websites, landing pages, pop-ups, and more. Used by more than 40,000 small businesses, Leadpages’ conversion tool kits lets you publish by converting content to showcase your business and support marketing campaigns. 

You start by selecting from conversion-optimized mobile responsive templates, before customizing one in Leadpages’ Drag & Drop Builder, and then eventually launching your final effort as a professional-looking landing page. It's all made further powerful through an easy-to-read analytics dashboard that complements A/B split testing and offers real-time conversion tips.


(Image credit: Mailchimp)

4. Mailchimp

The easy email landing page creator

Easy set up
Increase audience growth
Online payment processing

Mailchimp lets you design beautiful-looking landing pages in just a few clicks – and the company claims that its customers have seen their audience growth rate increase by 36% after using its landing page creator. If you’re feeling experimental, it’s a good platform for testing out products, messaging and ideas before launching. It accepts online payments via Square, which lets you sell items directly from your landing page with no e-commerce store required. 

You can even highlight products and feature a top seller or promote your latest collection with products imagery post directly from your connected e-commerce website. Mailchimp recommends combining its landing pages with your other marketing efforts to create a brand-new experience for customers.


(Image credit: Instapage)

5. Instapage

Personalized landing page creator

Personalized landing pages
Easy builder
Highly optimized

Instapage reckons that for every $1 you spend on Google Ads, you’re likely throwing away $960,000 compared to using its own service. Instapage ads, the company claims, can convert ads 4.2x higher by automating 1:1 personalized post-click experiences for every customer. 

Used by companies such as Verifone, Verizon and Hellofresh, its online builder lets you create personalized post-click experiences in minutes which can increase average campaign conversation rates by up to 400%. What’s more, Instapage’s Instablocks builder gives you a selection of highly-optimized page blocks which include call-to-action forms, benefit overviews, and testimonials.


(Image credit: Wishpond)

6. Wishpond

Easy landing page builder

Easy to use
Maximize lead generation
Intuitive interface
Easy integration

Wishpond boasts an attractive and easy-to-use Page builder that can help you maximize your lead generation and get more sales from customers. It is packed to the rafters with beautiful and high converting templates, with more than 100 mobile responsive landing pages that are designed to fit a range of industries to choose from. 

The platform’s intuitive editor makes it easy for marketers to create amazing landing pages without the need for design or programming knowledge. Once complete, you can publish your landing page anywhere including on your website, WordPress, or on social media.


(Image credit: Lander)

7. Lander

Free landing page option

Free account
Wide range of options

Used by companies such as the New York Times, Capcom and Cisco, Lander is a free landing page builder that comes with a barrel load of ready-made landing page templates. It has landing pages for many scenarios – ranging from products and services to events, lead capture, e-books, and app downloads. It will integrate with a wide range of popular marketing tools – everything from Mailchimp to Salesforce and Google Analytics. 

Lander lets you get to grips with its free version before deciding if you want to upgrade to premium, which starts with a basic package for $16 per month. That gives you up to 5000 visitors per month and three customer domains, which can be upgraded to provide 25,000 visitors per month along with 10 custom domains for $83 per month.


(Image credit: GetResponse)

8. GetResponse

Landing page creator with incentives

Grow contact list
Ready-made sales funnels
Promote webinars

GetResponse is laser-focused on helping you generate profit from your landing pages. It does this by helping you to grow your contact list by offering exclusive incentives to convert high quality leads. And when it comes to product marketing, it’s great for showing off what you are selling using ready-made sales funnels to add products or services to your page. 

Another nifty feature is its ability to promote your webinars, which drives traffic to your registration page and can attract crowds to online events. It features a dynamic template builder which allows anybody to create a professional-looking landing page that takes advantage of all of the above.


(Image credit: Landingi)

9. Landingi

Easy landing page builder

Easy to set up
Testing and analysis
Set parameters
Automate tasks

Designed to help people without creative experience build landing pages, Landingi's templates, tools and features have everything you need to get started. The company’s Landing Page builder takes you through a process of testing and analysis to determine which online strategy is likely to be most effective for your business. 

After that, you can use its HTML builder to add UTM parameters to your online campaigns and learn how customers landed on your site. Added to all of that, the ability to manage leads, automate key tasks and get help through live training makes Landingi one of the best landing page creators out there.


(Image credit: WIx)

10. Wix

Website and landing page creator

Easy builder
Range of landing page options
Partner platform for services

Wix has itself doubled down on marketing in recent years and is a well-known website builder with a nifty page landing creator built-in. The company offers the ability to create many different types of landing pages, ranging from ‘Coming soon’ or ‘Under Construction’ placeholders to those landing pages designed for collecting leads. 

If you do not know where to start and aren’t keen on creating one yourself, you can get help from a professional (and trusted) freelancer or agency that can be commissioned through the Wix Partner platform.