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Best alternatives to WordPress in 2021

WordPress on a laptop
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Best alternatives to WordPress

1. Wix

2. Squarespace

3. Shopify

4. Weebly

5. Gator Website Builder

Read on for our detailed analysis of each service

The thought of coming up with a website, for a beginner at least, can sound like a task that requires not just a specific set of skills, but expertise. These days, website builders have slowly been changing the game in website creation, allowing users to put together the parts that make up a stunning website without the need for coding and web development. 

Drag-and-drop website builders that are simple yet flexible make website creation less overwhelming and give entrepreneurs a better chance to get the online presence they need in order to succeed. This digital age has prompted businesses, big or small, to reach out to audiences around the world via the Internet. The best platform to showcase their products and services being their website, it’s not uncommon for any entrepreneur to aim for quality.

WordPress is widely known for its flexibility, constantly adapting to the users’ increasing and changing needs. It has made it possible for novice website creators to come up with a stunning, professional-looking website in a matter of minutes, offering various theme choices, better functionality with tons of plugins available to use, mobile compatibility, and world-class support, among others. But when WordPress is inaccessible, there are tons of other options that can easily take its place. The only question is which of these options are the best choices? 

We’ve reviewed our top picks of the best alternatives to WordPress below:


(Image credit: Wix)

The most powerful website builder

Reasons to buy
+Huge collection of templates+Easy drag-and-drop editor+Responsive design
Reasons to avoid
-Sites are non-transferable-Ideal for small sites

Wix may just be the best alternative to most drag-and-drop website builder platforms. This can be attributed to its awesome design features that make website creation a whole lot easier and more intuitive. Wix understands the need for a stunning, easy-to-navigate site that can provide a better user experience for viewers. 

It’s free and makes website creation surprisingly easy. With Wix, advanced coding and web development skills aren’t at all necessary. Hosting will be provided by Wix itself to make the process smoother and more effective. Wix’s hosting platform is among the fastest in the market. With Wix, you can easily create a functional professional-looking website and choose from a massive stockpile of stunning themes. 

Getting stuck at any of the steps in building your website is sometimes inevitable, but with Wix’s 24/7 support, that won’t be a problem. Wix will give you not just a stunning website but also a domain (for premium plans), a lightning-fast hosting service, storage, and even Google Analytics in premium plans. There’s a drawback if you opt for the basic or starter plan, which is having to put up with their ads, not to mention an incredibly long domain name. If that doesn’t bother you, you’re all set. If it does, there’s always the premium plan. 

New Hero

(Image credit: Squarespace)

Perfect for both novice and seasoned website creators

Reasons to buy
+Awesome templates+Mobile-friendly+User-friendly Content Management System
Reasons to avoid
-Lacks Autosave

Squarespace is a great platform for the most novice in website creation to still build an awesome website. Squarespace’s greatest strength involves its hundreds of awesome and sophisticated themes that are both modern and artistic, not to mention they are constantly updated. These themes are mobile-friendly and fully responsive.

Moreover, Squarespace’s drag-and-drop website builder is straightforward, making it easier and much simpler to personalize your site. When it comes to creating a powerful website without the slightest bit of coding knowledge, Squarespace is one of the best platforms that makes that possible. 

Squarespace gives you a free domain for an entire year, after which annual plans that start at $20 are available. The Squarespace Extensions marketplace offers e-commerce and accounting apps that you can integrate with your site, as well as add-ons for higher-tier plans. 

Overall, Squarespace is one of the best Wix alternatives out there, proving that their website builder’s intuitive and user-friendly design platform is one of the most admired. It powers over 450,000 websites, and with just a few simple clicks, Squarespace gives you a chance to reach your audience and power your site to success by providing you with all the tools you need as soon as you choose the perfect template for you. 


(Image credit: Shopify)

Best eCommerce platform on the market

Reasons to buy
+Mobile-friendly, easy-to-use templates+Multi-currency selling+Comprehensive plugins
Reasons to avoid
-Limited support-Adding custom fields can be complicated-Limited free templates

Having no code or web design knowledge is absolutely fine when working with Shopify to create an eCommerce website. Shopify’s basic plan lets you have an e-commerce store equipped with blogs, free SSL security, staff accounts, abandoned cart recovery software, third-party apps, and a lot more. For as low as $29 per month, the basic plan already provides you with tons of features to spearhead your site’s success. If you need more advanced features, Shopify’s higher-tier plans go for $79 and $299 per month. 

Less tech-savvy entrepreneurs can turn to Shopify to still be able to create a platform where they can increase their sales and improve their transactions. Shopify offers awesome storefront themes to give your site a beautiful and professional look, which is exactly what it needs to increase your chances at improving your sales. 

Though Shopify only offers 10 free themes/templates, the one-time fee to get access to all the other available themes is not that steep. Having a Shopify eCommerce store is the biggest step you can make for your website’s success, with tons of plugins and apps that can help you customize your site’s features, including task automation, marketing, etc. 


(Image credit: Weebly)

Start something awesome

Reasons to buy
+Guaranteed optimized website speed+Easy to use+Flexible designs with tons of free templates
Reasons to avoid
-Difficult to add advanced marketing tools

Weebly caters to eCommerce websites, and thus offers tons of tools targeted towards online stores. Weebly overpowers Squarespace in that it has a significantly higher search volume. It is also an awesome website builder that offers competitive pricing, flexible designs and tons of templates that are free to use, and optimized hosting speed and 99.98% uptime to ensure any website is as competitive in the market as it should be. 

Unlike Squarespace, creating a website with Weebly is easier and more intuitive in that clicking on any element and dropping it anywhere on the site is completely possible. Aside from Weebly’s great reputation in uptime, site speed, flexibility, and intuitive, easy to use web design platform, the company is also known for its various eCommerce tools. If you’re setting up a website that will serve as your platform for your online business, Weebly should be at the top of your list. 

Weebly is one of the most popular drag and drop website builders because of their easy to use website builder that allows for maximum flexibility, the great user experience it provides, and competitive pricing. Weebly is also known for its awesome editing environment which caters to novices and website experts alike. 


(Image credit: HostGator)

A powerful website builder from a hosting giant

Reasons to buy
+Tons of storage+Super fast hosting+Unmetered bandwidth
Reasons to avoid
-Hidden fees and tricky prices-Uptime needs improvement

Gator is Hostgator’s website builder is a drag and drop website builder that’s easy to use. It’s eCommerce friendly and meets the needs of your business. Gator’s promise is to help you build a custom website in minutes. Starting with their starter plan, Gator provides free hosting, a free domain name, tons of customizable templates and a lot more, for as low as $3.84 per month. Considering all the perks, the premium plan, which only goes for a couple of bucks more per month, is the best option. 

Whether you’ve built multiple websites or this is your absolute first time, Gator makes building your site as easy as dragging and dropping, quite literally. You can choose from over 200 of Gator’s fully customizable themes that are guaranteed to look awesome whether on a desktop or on mobile to ensure that your first interaction with your viewers is made as memorable as possible. With Gator, you can create an eCommerce site, your blog or portfolio, and any other site you have in mind.

When customizing your site, Gator also provides tons of stock photos you can choose from and freely use, or you can also use your own. With Gator’s available tools, social media integration, and excellent support, it is one of the best platforms for you to start growing your business. 

A final word

When online presence is an absolute must, the best solution is going for easy-to-use, flexible website builders that make website creation easy and fast without compromising quality. The possibilities can be endless as long as users know where to look and what to look for. Finding the best website builder for you is a matter of trying out their features and deciding where you find most comfort in. In the event that your preferred platform is available, going for your second choice isn’t always that bad. Sometimes it can turn out better than you expected.