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The best customer feedback tools make it simple and easy to collect customer insights on your products and services.

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Finding out what your customers need can normally be quite difficult without engaging in lengthy surveys. However, there are some great tools for directly and indirectly collecting customer feedback into actionable insights. 

Understanding user behavior helps shape products and services while figuring out how to increase the all-important metric that is customer lifetime value. 

Online marketing services and data analytics can only go so far – and businesses should seek out the best customer feedback tools available to gather rich qualitative data to really understand what makes customers tick.

Additionally, it can be helpful to get feedback through the use of customer experience (CX) tools, as well as Q&A polling platforms and other survey tools.

That said, not all customer feedback tools are created equal. Find out which one would suit you the best below.

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The best customer feedback tools of 2024 in full:

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Best overall

(Image credit: Typeform)
For more creative feedback tools

Reasons to buy

Eye-catching designs
Conversational tone
Live preview
Smart advancement

The best customer feedback tools are the ones that your users will actually fill out rather than closing after a nanosecond. And that's where Typeform's eye-catching form designs come into play. By getting creative with design and encouraging you to write questions in a conversational tone, Typeform helps to convey a sense of your brand personality in a way few other customer feedback tools can. 

Handily, Typeform comes with a Live Preview mode for seeing changes in real-time, simple analytics for accessing quick insights, and a Logic Jump feature that makes each typeform smarter and more personal by advancing users to relevant questions.

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Best inventive

(Image credit: Hotjar)

2. Hotjar

The inventive customer feedback tool

Reasons to buy

All-in-one solution
Visualize behavior
Conversion funnels
Form analysis

Used by companies such as Adobe, Shopify, and SurveyMonkey, Hotjar takes an inventive visual approach to customer feedback. Built for marketers, product managers, and UX designers, this all-in-one solution visualizes behavioral to help you understand what your users care about. 

It does this through various types of heat maps - which help you identify how users are scrolling, moving, and clicking - and you can even choose to see exactly how your visitors are navigating your website through visitor recordings. Hotjar’s conversion funnels help you find where your visitors are dropping off, and in turn how you can reduce bounce rate. 

Additionally, a cool form analysis feature identifies fields that people are taking too long to fill, alongside feedback polls that illuminate the thinking behind users’ decisions.

Best for testing

(Image credit: Userbrain)

3. Userbrain

Feedback tools for testing website experiences

Reasons to buy

Easy to use
Fix website problems
Task monitoring

Used by companies including Spotify, Virgin, and Red Bull Mobile, Userbrain records visitors’ behavior to help identify and fix any problems they are having while browsing your website. Somebody could be having difficulty purchasing an item, for example, while another may be struggling trying to navigate forms on different pages. 

The platform is easy to use, allowing you to set up different URLs for monitoring specific tasks. In a way, Userbrain is a great way to avoid having to recruit, manage, and pay to test participants for your website – instead, you get access to a worldwide pool of unbiased user test participants.

Best for surveys

(Image credit: UserReport)

4. UserReport

Widgets for surveys and customer feedback

Reasons to buy

Discover user aims
Survey and feedback widgets
Net promoter scores
Fix bugs

Sometimes finding out who your users are isn't enough; you also need to find out what they want to achieve to offer them the most appropriate products and services. Used by companies such as Toyota, Johnston Press, and TripAdvisor, UserReport can be deployed as an integrated part of a website or app and is based on two simple widgets – a survey and a feedback widget. 

The former is a useful feature as it provides you with an NPS (or Net Promoter Score), which gives you a simple figure to represent how much your users like your offering (with users broken down into demographics). Feedback widgets, meanwhile, helps you collect ideas in order to fix bugs, something that can make it easy to prioritize features based on popularity.

Best for communities

(Image credit: Sprinklr)

5. Sprinklr

The community customer feedback tool

Reasons to buy

Online customer community
Gather information
Help customers directly
Gamification features

Sprinklr lets you create an online customer community, which can be a great way to create friendly ways for visitors to engage and get faster answers to questions, provide consumer feedback, or gather information to make purchase decisions. 

Among Sprinklr's features are the ability to deflect customer support cases while helping customers get faster answers to questions, and it makes it easy to assist customers with buying decisions through user-generated content. 

It also makes it easy to embed gamification features which recognize and rewards community experts while motivating all community members to participate more often in conversations.

Best for organizing

(Image credit: Canny)

6. Canny

Organize customer feedbak in one place

Reasons to buy

Capture feedback
Informed decisions
14-day free trial

Used by companies such as Lyft and MongoDB, Canny is a platform used for capturing feedback in one organized place to inform your products decisions and build better products. 

Available with a free 14-day trial, Canny uses a three-step process which allows you to collect feedback from important stakeholders, then plan your roadmap to show what's upcoming and in progress, before finally sharing updates with people to let them know that the features they care about are ready to use. 

The fully fledged version caters for 100 tracked users, rising in price per month for 1,000 tracked users. If you require more uses than that you can also opt for a custom option that gives you unlimited tracked users and a dedicated account manager - plus an uptime SLA (or service level agreement).

Best for social media

(Image credit: Qualtrics)
Social media feedback management

Reasons to buy

Multiple social media sources
Determine what customers want
Automated processing

Turning complexity into clarity is Qualtrics (formerly Clarabridge), which uses AI and machine learning to help make sense of the plethora of customer feedback submitted across multiple marketing channels. In a nutshell, it uses rules to determine what customers think and what they really want, which lets you automate processes while measuring things like effort, emotion and intent. 

All customer feedback is gathered from a range of different sources and collated in a single place. In just one click, data connectors can then pull insights from all sorts of feedback, both solicited and unsolicited, to give a snapshot of the entire customer journey.

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Best for messaging

(Image credit: Intercom)

8. Intercom

Messaging platform for customer feedback

Reasons to buy

Real-time messaging
Chat bots
Rich insights
Free trial

Intercom is a real-time business messaging platform that helps companies drive loyalty and growth at every stage of the customer lifecycle. More than 30,000 companies use it - including Shopify, YCombinator and Atlassian. Its features include chat bots, which help to engage website visitors and increase paid conversion rates, which can be complemented by tailored onboarding and activation messages that help forge the 1:1 connections necessary to find value in products. 

Additionally, Intercom sports real-time tools and rich insights that amplify teams and improve user engagement scores. Its lowest package can be trialed for free, and if you need more functionality, its Pro and Premium package provides additional features at further cost.

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Which customer feedback tool is best for you?

When deciding which customer feedback tool to download and use, first consider what your actual needs are, as sometimes free and budget software may only provide basic options, so if you need to use advanced tools you may find a paid platform is much more worthwhile. Additionally, higher-end software can usually cater for every need, so do ensure you have a good idea of which features you think you may require from your customer feedback tools.

How we test

To test for the best customer feedback tools we first set up an account with the relevant software platform, then we tested the service to see how the software could be used for different purposes and in different situations. The aim was to push each customer feedback platform to see how useful its basic tools were and also how easy it was to get to grips with any more advanced tools.

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