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The FCC reportedly wants to treat internet as a public utility

No fast lanes for us

Many internet users want the Federal Communications Commission to reclassify the internet as a public utility, and word is it might grant our wish.

Doing so would make it easier for the FCC to make rules governing the internet and internet service providers, perhaps staving off the "internet fast lane" we all fear so much.

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The commission will propose a new set of rules that do just that, deeming ISPs "common carriers" as defined under the Communications Act of 1934, reports The New York Times (according to Venturebeat).

A victory for net neutrality

The newspaper based its report on conversations with analysts, lobbyists, and former FCC staffers.

It would be a major victory for net neutrality, and one its proponents have been hoping for for a long time.

However FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler reportedly won't be heavy-handed in his regulations - if the proposal even passes the approval of his fellow commissioners.