Sky announces fibre broadband, hotspots and wider reach

Sky announces fibre broadband, hotspots and wider reach
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Sky has announced that it will be extending its broadband offering, hoping to reach 88 per cent of UK homes by June 2013, as well as rolling out WiFi hotspots for its internet subscribers and a fibre broadband offering.

Although many take advantage of Sky's bundled broadband its coverage remains limited, leaving big swathes of the UK unable to plump for the offering.

However, in its financial results Sky has announced that it will be extending its network footprint by around a million extra homes.

Unlimited fibre

Also significant is the company's decision to offer Sky Broadband Unlimited Fibre - charging £20 for a service that will offer up to 40Mbps download speeds with "no usage caps".

Last, but not least, Sky is rolling out WiFi hotspots for its subscribers - allowing customers of its broadband unlimited access to hotspots from The Cloud, the company it bought last year.

"I'm delighted that our existing home communication products are making such an impact with customers. It's clear that customers are responding to the higher levels of value, quality and service we offer, said Stephen van Rooyen, Managing Director of Sky's Sales and Marketing Group.

"This year sees a number of enhancements that will ensure we create even more choice.

"Whether it's the launch of free public WiFi, extending our network into more parts of the UK, or adding fibre to our product mix, we are focused on meeting the demands of customers and on being their number one choice for home communications."

There's no official news on the UK launch date of Sky Broadband Unlimited Fibre - although we're expecting it soon - and the WiFi offering will arrive "shortly", according to Sky.

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