Sex expert: Cybersex is fine

Cybersex not bad for you, claims sex expert, but being obsessional about it can be...

A sex and relationships expert has hit back at earlier reports, based on a recent cybersex study conducted at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, which said that indulging in cybersex makes you depressed.

Marcus Squirrell's research suggests that those that spend more time looking for sexual encounters online suffer from very poor mental health.

However, TechRadar's own sex and relationships expert, Cate Sevilla, Founding Editor of BitchBuzz, hit back at the report, informing us:

"I think that there are a lot of men out there that look at and watch porn online that are perfectly healthy - it's just a part of their sexuality."

Phew! Thank the gods of the internet for that then…

Obsessional disorders

The problems arise, as Cate stressed, with those who are "depressed and have problems with sex addiction, where the Internet becomes their playground.

"They use it as a way to unwind, to destress, and many of them may not even realize that they have a problem.

"Using sex or masturbating as a way to destress isn't unhealthy - it's when it becomes your only way and you're a bit obsessive about it that's the problem."