See-Yahoo later! BT ditches web giant as email provider after 10 years

See Yahoo later BT ditches web giant as email provider after 10 years

BT has announced it is moving to a new email solution, meaning its 10-year partnership with Yahoo is coming to an end.

As part of the new, launching in June, and the six million customers will be migrated over to the new BT Mail service by the end of 2013.

The move may be a direct result of complaints from users relating to repeated hacking attacks, which saw accounts commandeered and used to pump out spam emails.

Yahoo and BT began to investigate the issue back in March, but it seems like this may have been the cause of the companies' parting of the ways.

Anti-spam solutions

"We will be switching customers' email over to BT Mail, which will include the features and functions they expect from a modern email service," which will include "in-built anti-virus and anti-spam solutions," Nick Wong, director of online for BT's consumer division told the Telegraph.

It's a blow for Yahoo, who will lose the visitors to its homepage when the new arrives, but the blow is tempered by April's acquisition of Sky Broadband customers.

The new BT Mail will be powered by a little-known Californian company called Critical Path.