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Pandora has more registered users than the population of Brazil

Happy 200 million user day, Pandora!

It took eight years, but today Pandora announced an admirable milestone that deserves a thumbs up.

The internet radio service revealed it's reached 200 million registered users in the U.S. of A., up from the first that signed up in 2005. It took less than two years for Pandora to jump from 100 million in July of 2011 to where it is today.

With its announcement came a few factoids, some of which are sure to impress the cute barista you're always searching for something to talk about. Apparently, listeners have used more than 25 billion thumbs to personalize their stations, so keep those up and down votes coming.

While people stream 100 million songs before 10 a.m. everyday, the most interesting bit of info may be that 140 million listeners patch into Pandora using a mobile device. We'll see if that number dips when those free listening caps go into effect, but we honestly only expect mobile listens to grow.

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