New kid-friendly internet browser launches

KIDO Z is the latest in a range of Adobe Air based safe browsers for youngsters

The new Adobe Air: KIDO'Z is the latest kid-friendly 'Adobe Air' based browser made specifically for young users to get the most fun out of internet browsing while remaining safe and not being able to access inappropriate content.

KIDO'Z is the perfect solution for parents that are concerned about their pre-teen offspring using the 'net while unmonitored.

Clearly, it is always best to monitor your young children's computer usage wherever possible, but practically this is just not always possible for busy mums and dads.

Simplified browser

KIDO'Z is a simplified browser with user-supplied content and the option for parents to create their own list of sites which they are happy for their kids to use in the parental controls menu.

Alternatively, you can allow your kids to access any KIDO'Z-approved content. You can also set various time-based restrictions and open and lock the browser to your PC desktop on startup.

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Via Tech Crunch