Netflix confirms UK price hike but existing members are safe for two years

Netflix confirms UK price hike but existing members are safe for two years
Netflix price hike incoming

If you're only just now getting round to signing up to Netflix, then more fool you: prices have just gone up to £6.99 per month for new members.

But anyone who is already a Netflix member is laughing: the company has guaranteed not to raise prices for existing subscribers for at least two years, so they'll continue to pay £5.99 a month.

That £5.99 prices is guaranteed as long as you remain a member on your current plan - so if you decide to take a Netflix break, you'll resubscribe at the higher price.

3-tier price plan

However, Netflix is also offering a £5.99 plan for SD viewing on one screen at a time, and a super HD option for £8.99 a month, which will allow up to four screens to stream at once.

Netflix says the new prices are "in order to continue adding more films and TV programmes", with fighty Ryan Gosling fest Only God Forgives, Nurse Jackie and the second series of Orange is the New Black coming to the service soon.

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