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Nazis in 3D! Eye-popping propaganda movies unearthed

Nazi shark!
Nazi shark!

James Cameron may be the current poster boy for 3D with his blue movie Avatar, but back in the '30s the Nazis felt that the technology would be put to good use in its propaganda movies, with news that a number of 3D movies made by the Nazis have been found.

Phillippe Mora, director of some Howling sequels and currently working on a 3D movie about Dali, found the films in the Berlin Federal Archives while researching for a documentary.

3D propaganda

The names of the movies – So Real You Can Touch It and Six Girls Roll into Weekend – may sound like some sort of twisted Carry On franchise but were part of a collection of films that show Nazi Germany in a very good light.

Mora spoke to about the movies, saying: "They were made by an independent studio for Goebbels' propaganda ministry and referred to as 'raum film' — or space film — which may be why no one ever realised since that they were 3D."

The black-and-white flicks have been filmed on 35mm with a prism in front of two lenses to create the 3D effect.

The movies are set to appear in Mora's upcoming documentary, which is currently called How the Third Reich Was Recorded.

Via Home Cinema Choice