McAfee sees 'watershed moment in cybersecurity'

McAfee claims that we are currently dealing with "a watershed moment in cybersecurity"

Computer security specialists McAfee identified that the latest Internet Explorer (IE) vulnerability was a 'key vector' in the cyberattacks that hit Google and others last week.

McAfee is advising consumers and businesses on what it is now calling 'Operation Aurora'

Operation Worry More

The security experts, while clearly having something of a vested interest in selling its security products, is still referring to latest attacks as nothing less than the:

"Largest and most sophisticated cyberattack we have seen in years targeted at specific corporations," in a statement issued this weekend.

George Kurtz, McAfee's worldwide chief technology officer, noted in a post on the company blog that the attack is both a "watershed moment in cybersecurity" and one that has "changed the world".

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