LinkedIn overhauls Profiles with simple connectivity in mind

LinkedIn Profile page
The new LinkedIn, the new you

Professional-oriented social network LinkedIn announced a major change to its user experience Tuesday, one all members should see overtake their accounts before too long.

With simplicity in mind, the third-place social network has completely overhauled user Profiles, giving the pages a sleeker, user-oriented feel.

"We've made it easier for you to build and manage your identity on LinkedIn," said Aaron Bronzan, product manager at LinkedIn, during a press conference.

Faster editing, time-saving searches and staying connected are the pivot points of the update.

Simple indeed

Users' profiles now feature pertinent information right at the top, listing current job position, area of residence, education and previous work experience to create a "powerful first impression."

A "People You May Know" section is positioned top right, while a ticker of recent activity scans below.

Editing profiles is easier than ever, LinkedIn boasted, with a checklist designed to help users run down exactly what they need to do in order to improve their profiles and boost its "strength meter," an orb that fills the more information is included.

LinkedIn profile strenght meter

Visual aid for profile strength

To edit information like "Summary" and "Work Experience," users can click a pen icon and make and save changes then and there.

LinkedIn has also overhauled what information is shown when a user clicks on a particular person's profile - whether themselves, someone they know or someone they don't know.

Click on a stranger, for example, and the first thing shown on his or her profile is a resume. Visit a co-worker, friend or acquaintance's Profile and recent activity and updates keeps connections in the know.

If a user is looking for someone through search, the search results follow the user onto whatever page they click on, meaning users won't have to back track to the search page.

"We've made the Profile more scannable," Bronzan said. "It's easier to build your profile. It's all seamless and increases productivity on the site."

Nice to contact you

A layout of common connections is designed to help determine how closely LinkedIn members know each other and who they can leverage in order to connect with one another.

Users can also quickly pick up on just who comprises their networks thanks to a circular graph breaking down connections through places of residence, school, work and industry.

Your Network on LinkedIn

If anything, circles are fun

If a user wants to reach out to another LinkedIn member, contact information is located under their photo for quick access.

"We've improved the design a lot and made it easier to express your professional brand and be found," Bronzan said.

Since updating is key to getting discovered on LinkedIn, whether for a new or better job or simply to bolster professional networks, the new LinkedIn Profile is aimed at helping users do just that.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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