Google Chrome is 70 million users strong

Google Chrome has over 70 million users

Google has claimed that its web browser Chrome now has a healthy 70 million users.

However, Mozilla has been quick to respond to the claim, announcing that Firefox has also gained 100 million users over the past year, taking its userbase up to 370 million.

Google Chrome, in comparison, has gained around 40 million users over the past year.

Bad news for Microsoft

Mozilla's Asa Dotzler outlined the latest Firefox growth figure on his blog with a handy graph to show off his browser's growing userbase (and compare with Google's own figures).

The bad news is really Microsoft's, with Internet Explorer use dipping below the 60 per cent market share level for the first time ever this month.

Right now, most of those 'defecting' from Internet Explorer seem to be switching to Mozilla's Firefox.

Via TechCrunch