Google Chrome gets accelerometer support

Chrome gets accelerometer support, for orientation-based gaming fun on tablet PCs

Google Chrome is soon set to get accelerometer support, which should prove useful for the latest tablet PC devices due for release later in 2010.

What is referred to as 'orientation interface plumbing' is now being built into the WebKit browser project that lies beneath Google Chrome and Apple's Safari.

Orientation-based gaming

The new addition to Chrome was outlined in a Google's Chrome issue tracker.

It is easy to see how new tablet PCs featuring accelerometers might make use of the new input mechanism for gaming and other apps when they arrive on the market later in 2010.

The new WebKit implementation of the DeviceOrientation standard has been developed by Google engineer Steve Block, one of the coauthors of the specification. It was previously enabled for Google's Android platform back in May.

Mozilla has already started working on integrating accelerometer and orientation support into Firefox, which has its own orientation API. Firefox's accelerometer support has been demoed on the Firefox Mobile browser on a Nokia N900

Google is also readying its Chrome operating system for a release later this year, according to recent comments from company execs.

Via Ars Technica