Facebook can now sell you concert tickets directly

Facebook app
Gig tickets can now be picked up on Facebook.

In its ongoing mission to do everything for everyone, Facebook has begun selling eager gig-goers concert tickets directly, according to reports. With band pages and events already major parts of the social network, it's a logical next step.

Facebook has told Buzzfeed that the feature is now live for a "small group" of venues in the San Francisco area. Third party firms are still handling all of the logistics and apparently Facebook isn't taking a cut of the sale either.

The new functionality essentially just cuts down the number of steps it takes to get your hands on some gig tickets - presumably it could also give Facebookers a better chance of nabbing tickets for those high-demand events where sales start on a specific date at a specific time.

Facebook's expanding empire

Facebook executives have been making noises about such a move for a while: the company says millions of people use Facebook Events to find out what's happening in their local communities, and this is a natural extension of that.

Now that we're all bored of social networking, it makes sense for Facebook to push out into other areas like one-to-one messaging, video streaming and virtual reality (with the help of Oculus).

Apparently the tickets you can buy through Facebook won't be delivered or even sent via email (though you do get an email confirmation) - they have to be picked up at the venue. As yet there's no indication when the feature will roll out further, though we wouldn't expect it to be too long.

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