EE's micro-network brings connectivity to rural communities

EE's micro-network brings connectivity to rural communities

EE has pledged to bring voice, 3G and 4G services to over 1500 rural communities in the next three years with its new micro-network technology.

Designed specially for remote locations without mobile and internet coverage, these micro-networks do not require broadband or cables to operate.

Instead a set of small antennas are responsible for delivering the network connectivity and the technology - supplied by Parallel Wireless - has already been successfully trialled with 347 residents in the Cumbria village of Sebergham, located deep in a valley.

Coverage, far and wide

EE says that 100-150 homes and businesses can be connected with just three or four small antennas, which can be installed in just a matter of hours.

The hope is that this low-cost solution for small communities will be rolled out to more and more locations over the next few years.

EE CEO Olaf Swantee said: "With this innovative new technology, we have the capability to connect every community in the UK, and we estimate that we'll be able to bring reliable voice coverage and high-speed mobile broadband to more than 1,500 places for the first time by 2017."