Virgin Media tests the broadband speed testers

Virgin Media tests the speedtesters - and is pretty unhappy with what it finds
Virgin Media tests the speed testers - and is pretty unhappy with what it finds

Virgin Media has slammed speed-testing sites for not being capable of accurately measuring new 20Mb and super fast 50Mb broadband.

Following on from last month's news, Virgin Media has been carrying out extensive tests on numerous broadband speed-testing services.

Jon James, Director of Group Strategy at Virgin Media, said of the recent tests that: "Most speed testing sites are not accurately measuring the new generation of high speed broadband services offering 20Mb and above - so there is a real risk that customers are being misled."

Who tests the testers?

The Virgin Media man added: "Our testing of 10 major speed-testing sites found only one accurately measured our upcoming 50Mb service, and only two accurately reporting on our 20Mb service.

"The various speed test sites are now collaborating with us to improve standards to ensure consumers are able to make well-informed choices, however our results show there is still a long way to go."

"We have worked hard with service providers including Virgin Media to ensure our speed test is ready for next generation broadband services and we're delighted that Virgin Media's tests have shown this has worked," said Sebastien Lahtinen, co-founder of

Lahtinen added, "We are glad to be able to support Virgin Media and its new high speed 50 meg service and look forward to continuing to work together to push the boundaries further."

Reliable ISP performance tests

"SamKnows shares Virgin Media's desire to improve industry standards relating to broadband performance," added Richard Shaw of

"Accurate information is essential for consumers looking to get a service that suits their needs - be it a casual surfer, a heavy user, or many people sharing a single home connection. SamKnows agrees with Virgin Media, that while web-based speed-testers are a useful tool, there is still some way to go."

Adam Hartley