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Comcast's new super-fast internet will be super expensive

Fibre internet

Comcast today revealed the pricing for its 2GB per second broadband service, Gigabit Pro - and it's not cheap.

Comcast's service is twice as fast as Google Fiber, but it will cost you $299 per month. And if you want to sign up, you'll be locked into a two-year contract.

And it doesn't end there. Installation could cost up to $500, while activation could cost another $500. Comparatively, Google Fiber costs about $130 a month, with a $300 installation fee.

Thankfully, Comcast is trialling Gigabit Pro for $159 per month, but you'll still need to sign on for two years.

Speeds at a price

Like Google Fiber, Gigabit Pro is not available across the country just yet, but there are a range of cities in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Tennessee that do have access to Comcast's service.

So if you don't mind the cost and want the speedier internet, you will need to call up Comcast to find out if it is available in your city first.

Of course, if $299 a month will put too much of a dent in your pocket, Comcast does have plans to upgrade its regular broadband service in most areas next year, which should increase speeds to about 1Gbps for many people.

Via TimesFreePress