Coin-op Wi-Fi introduced

Expect to see Handlink s coin op Wi Fi stations dotted around the UK soon

Manufacturer Handlink has introduced these new Wi-Fi coin-operated base-stations for use in hotels, internet cafes and other public spaces.

Hanklink’s coin-op Wi-Fi station supports 802.11b/g Wi-Fi connections.

The retro-tastic looking machine prints out a ticket with all the relevant log-on details for you to access the internet on your laptop or other Wi-Fi enabled device.

Quick and easy

It’s a great, common-sensical idea and TechRadar hopes to see Handlink’s Wi-Fi stations in public spaces across the UK soon.

Of course, we would rather have FREE Wi-Fi at our local Starbucks. But as it doesn’t look like Starbucks UK is bringing this in quite yet, we will settle for coin-op Wi-Fi where we have to…