Virgin Media enters the cloud storage game with up to 50 GB free per home

irgin Media enters the cloud storage game with up to 50 GB free per home
Virgin goes after Dropbox, Google and the cloud storage crew

With seemingly every man and his dog offering free storage in that mysterious Neverland we call the cloud, internet service provider Virgin Media has decided it's high time it got in the act.

The company is offering up to 50GB of storage to all of its home broadband customers, which equates to 5GB for up to ten members of an account holder's household.

Using the new Virgin Cloud Media app for iOS and Android and the Windows and Mac web portal, users will be able to safeguard files and stream them to numerous devices.

According to Virgin, there's a Windows Phone app on the way too

Cheap, but not 'Google cheap'

Beyond its free offering, Virgin is also offering paid-for packages with a supplementary 50GB of data costing £3.99 a month, while 500GB is a good deal more pricey at £26.99 a month.

Virgin's move comes on the day Google announced it is slashing its own cloud storage prices across the board, with 1TB of data now costing just $10 (around £6 a month) and the first 15GB staying free for all.

Via Inquirer

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