BT: We invest in broadband, others merely talk about it

BT: We're developing broadband, other merely talk about it
BT: We're developing broadband, other merely talk about it

BT has declared that the last quarter brought a market-leading 63 per cent share of broadband deals net additions, and that despite a slight drop in revenue its financial power allows it to invest in the UK's infrastructure 'when others are merely talking about it.'

Having a pop at other companies is hardly a rarity when BT makes an announcement, and as well as rightly talking up the impressive news that UK broadband roll-out has been accelerated, BT chief executive Ian Livingstone was pugnacious about his company's power.

"We have increased cash flow, profits and underlying revenue in the quarter," said Livingstone.


"We achieved a market leading 63 per cent share of broadband net additions and another quarter of growth in fixed lines," he added.

"We expect to continue to offset the economic headwinds through improved customer service and processes, better efficiency, and investment in the future of the business.

"This strategy and our financial results allow us to invest when others are merely talking about it.

"We are accelerating our fibre roll-out programme to cover two-thirds of the UK by the end of 2014 – one year earlier than planned and creating 520 new jobs.

"With the already announced government support, we believe there is the potential for fibre-based services to reach more than 90% of the UK within a few years thereafter."


Livingstone also used the opportunity to talk about BT's expansion plans outside of the UK.

"We are also investing across the world and have announced a programme to double our business in key Latin American countries in addition to our expansion in the Asia Pacific region announced last year," he said.

"Our performance in the quarter reinforces but does not change our outlook for the year."

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