BT has a music streaming service up its sleeve

BT has a music streaming service up its sleeve
BBC continues to big up the broadcast

Sounds like BT will be the next player in the music streaming game with word that it has signed label Universal up as a partner.

The service is set to form part of BT's TV offering, although we're not sure Spotify et al should be quaking in their boots just yet as the Guardian reports that only 150 of Universal's albums are included in the deal.

The sources, speaking to the FT as well as the Guardian, say that BT has been beta testing the software for two months, and is still hoping to sign more labels up.

Sing when you're winning

The idea of the service is to allow people to create playlists, search for full albums, "sing along to karaoke tracks" and there may also be an element of live video included as the FT says that watching concerts will also be included.

BT TV Unlimited subscribers are set to get the unnamed streamer as part of their package. Other BT customers will be able to sign up for £3 a month.

BT's on something of a broadcast boosting bonanza at the moment, having snapped up NBA Basketball broadcast rights in the UK, as well as a juicy Champions League deal.

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