BT broadband outages strike back for a second day


Update: BT says that internet usage is back to normal for BT home and small business customers, however some larger businesses might still be affected. BT says these should be fixed soon.

Yesterday's problems, caused by a power outage at the London Internet Exchange, were fixed by the afternoon, but now BT Broadband and Plusnet subscribers around the country are again reporting problems accessing the internet. shows a spike in reports starting soon after 6am this morning.

BT told us in a statement: "We're sorry that some BT and Plusnet customers are having problems connecting to some internet services this morning. One of our internet connection partners in the docklands has suffered a substantial power failure.

"This is affecting BT and other providers. We are redirecting traffic to reduce the impact on customers. Engineers are on site and are fixing the problem."

Yesterday's story below...

Update: BT says the problem has been resolved. Back to work, people.

If you're a BT broadband user who's having trouble accessing websites today, you're not alone: BT is currently experiencing nation-wide network problems.

People have used Twitter to complain they're either getting intermittent connections, or no connectivity at all. confirms problems have been occurring since 8am, while a map of reported outages shows the problems are nationwide. We also experienced problems accessing site on BT broadband earlier today.

BT told us in a statement: ""We're sorry that some BT and Plusnet customers have been experiencing problems accessing some internet services this morning. This is affecting around 10 per cent of internet usage and has been caused by power issues at one of our internet connection partners' sites in London.

"Services are now being restored, and engineers are working to fix the problems for the remaining customers that are affected."

It comes just a day after the company was accused by MPs of under-investing in its Openreach business. Talk about bad timing.

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