Sky Broadband admits too many new users are slowing down network

Sky Broadband admits too many new users are slowing down network
Sky taking on more customers than its network can handle?

Sky has apologised to its broadband users after admitting that a barrage of new customers have overloaded its network and slowed down connectivity.

The Register reports that Sky Broadband Unlimited users in certain parts of the UK are experiencing massively reduced download speeds at peak times.

One user in North Wales has seen their connection drop from 14Mbps to 2Mbps in the evenings, despite Sky promising never to slow down the service, even at peak times.

Another user in Bristol saw their download speeds drop even further to 0.8Mbps, despite living just 500 yards away from the phone exchange.

Capacity issues

When contacted by The Register, Sky revealed that an increase in network traffic, as well as a large increase in new users is causing the service to run over capacity in some areas.

The company said: "Following a combination of an underlining increase in network traffic as well as an especially high rate of new customer additions, we are aware of capacity issues in a limited number of exchanges."

"We are aware of the issue and are adding new capacity to those exchanges as soon as we can. We apologise to all customers who have been impacted by this issue."

Hopefully those affected by the issue will see their service return to normal sooner-rather-than-later. Otherwise, how are they expected to take advantage of the company's new Sky Go Extra service?

Via The Register

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