Britain in the Third World of broadband

UK's broadband - just not good enough
UK's broadband - just not good enough

The UK's broadband infrastructure has been voted a mere 25th best in the world, prompting fears that we are falling behind when it comes to the world wide web.

Research carried out by Cisco (the list included 66 countries) has found that South Korea is by far the most advanced country when it comes to broadband, with Japan and Hong Kong taking second and third place.

The UK has hit a lowly 25th with countries like Latvia, Lithuania and Bulgaria ahead in terms of broadband quality.

Good enough

It's not all doom and gloom, however, with Joanne Hughes, Cisco's communication manager, telling the BBC: "It can be a bit misleading to look at the rankings. The important thing is whether the broadband quality of a country is good enough for today's needs and the UK falls well within this category."

Despite this optimism, the UK just scraped 31st place when Cisco tested broadband speeds only (via The final ranking of 25th came about when broadband penetration was added to the mix.

Worryingly, South   Korea hopes to have broadband speeds of 1Gbps by 2012. Compare this with Digital Britain's plan for UK speeds to hit a minimum of 2Mbps and it seems that the on average the UK is lagging way behind its Far Eastern counterparts.


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