7.4 million Brits: 'What the hell is the internet?'

7.4 million Brits: 'What the hell is the internet?
Not all Brits have jumped on board with the online revolution

A whopping 7.4 million UK residents have managed to avoid using the internet completely, according to a new report published this week.

The government's Office of National Statistics said that 15 per cent of Brits have never ventured into the online world to send email or browse the web.

Unsurprisingly 44 per cent of those 7.42m net virgins is made up by the over 75s as 31 per cent of them have never so much been shown a funny cat video on YouTube.

Meanwhile, less than one per cent of young'uns in the 16-24 demographic had been internet free. Those few individuals must be getting their porn fix through other mediums.

Step it up, Northern Ireland

The report claimed that the capital was the UK's main online hotspot with 89 per cent of people using the internet at some point in its existent.

Northern Ireland apparently needs to up its online game, with 79 per cent of residents ever using the internet.

Do you know many people who have managed to completely avoid the internet? Or are your net-savvy grandparents kicking it on Facebook and Twitter? Let us know in the comments section below.


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