Intel to make chips for Qualcomm

Intel's Chief Executive Pat Gelsinger
(Image credit: Intel)
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Intel, which earlier this year announced Intel Foundry Services to produce chips for other companies, has now revealed the first customers for its new business.

Intel, which is hoping to combat TSMC and Samsung in contract chip manufacturing, has announced that it will start building chips for Qualcomm, whose Snapdragon chips are inside many Android smartphones. Qualcomm seems to be impressed by Intel's promised Intel 20A process node that will release in 2024. This new transistor technology will help reduce the power the chip consumes.

Amazon has also signed up Intel for its data centre infrastructure.

Intel unveils two breakthrough process technologies

Intel's first new transistor architecture.

RibbonFET, Intel's first new transistor architecture in more than a decade. (Image credit: Intel)

The company's Chief Executive Pat Gelsinger said "the best of Intel would be made available for our foundry customers".

He was speaking at the company's event where it unveiled its roadmap of process and packaging innovations to power next wave of products through 2025 and beyond. Intel said that it expected to regain its lead by 2025 and described five sets of chipmaking technologies it will roll out over the next four years.

The company also unveiled two “breakthrough” process technologies: RibbonFET, Intel’s first new transistor architecture in more than a decade, and PowerVia, an industry first for backside power delivery.

Intel, under its new CEO, is trying to take on the dominance of the Taiwan-headquartered TSMC and Samsung that currently service Intel's main rivals like AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) and Nvidia.

Intel also threw light on five sets of chipmaking technologies it will roll out in the coming years. Intel also said that it will change its naming scheme for chipmaking technology to "give customers a more accurate view of process nodes across the industry." The new naming scheme will be in alignment with what the rest of the industry does.

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