Instagram could get more Facebook integration – but will anyone care?

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Instagram could soon allow users to open Facebook directly from within the Instagram app, at least if the rumor mill is right.

This revelation comes courtesy of Twitter-based leaker Alessandro Paluzzi, who has made a number of recent discoveries in the Instagram app, as highlighted in a series of tweets, including the one below.

As you can see, the option to swiftly dive into Facebook could soon be present in the Instagram app – although obviously we don’t know how long that might take, or indeed, whether this will come to fruition at all – along with some other fresh discoveries that Paluzzi has made.

That includes the ability to add a ‘Support’ button to your profile to allow people to “create fundraisers and donate directly to your nonprofit from Instagram”, as the text accompanying the purported option states. There’s also ongoing work on the Music tab in the profile as evidenced in another recent tweet.

Analysis: A long time coming

You may recall that four years ago, the reverse became true – Facebook made it so that you could open Instagram directly from within the Facebook app. At the time, it was expected that Facebook would eventually implement the functionality within Instagram, too – but it has taken a long, long time for that to happen.

As to whether anyone will care all that much, well, it’s a useful touch of convenience no doubt, but a relatively small change of course. What it does help to do is keep folks hopping between the two services, to the benefit of Facebook more than anything else, really, which only doubly makes us wonder why this has taken so long to hove into view.

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