Huawei P20 Pro confirmed on billboard teasing camera AI


We already knew the next phone from Huawei was set to be called the Huawei P20, but the company just confirmed its next handset range will also include the Huawei P20 Pro.

A billboard in Barcelona – the home city of MWC 2018 – teases the Huawei P20 range, and features the first official mention we've seen of the P20 Pro moniker.

The poster was first spotted by Alex Dobie, Executive Editor for Android Central, and teases the March 27 announcement date along with camera AI (artificial intelligence).

Roughly translated, the poster reads: "Patience. The renaissance of the photograph approaches" with the characters 'IA' (short for the Spanish phrase inteligencia artificial) highlighted in red, suggesting the firm will once again focus heavily on snapper smarts as part of its P20 and P20 Pro announcement.

Pro before Plus

Usually Huawei releases a core version of its handset followed by Lite and Plus variants, like how we saw for the Huawei P9 and Huawei P10

We've seen the name P20 Pro in leaked materials before – including yesterday's big leak courtesy of Evan Blass – but this is the first time the name has been included on the official marketing materials for the next-generation handset.

Exactly why the company is opting for the name Pro over Plus remains to be seen. It's expected the Huawei P20 Pro will come with three cameras on the rear, while the normal P20 will feature a similar dual setup the Mate 10 Pro and P10.

We've just seen the company announce the Huawei MediaPad 5 tablet range that includes a device with the moniker Pro, but that's because of it including a stylus in the box which won't happen for the P20 Pro.