Huawei is planning two more smartwatches without Wear OS on board

Huawei Watch GT
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Huawei is planning some extra smartwatch models as follow-ups to the Huawei Watch GT, according to unofficial sources. Like the original device, they won't have Wear OS on board, but are set to use Huawei's own watch OS.

The new variants are set to be dubbed the Huawei Watch GT Active and the Huawei Watch GT Elegant, reports WinFuture, though don't expect too many changes.

Huawei Watch GT Active leak

Huawei Watch GT Active leak (credit: WinFuture)

One of the differences is going to be in the color design – in the leaked picture above, you can see the rumored dark green and orange options for the GT Active. The case and the bezel colors have been slightly tweaked as well.

Meanwhile, you'll be able to get the GT Elegant in the more straightforward white and black, WinFuture's sources report.

Price points

The screen size will apparently stay the same at 1.39 inches, and again the same Huawei-made software is going to be running the show rather than Google's Wear OS.

As for when we might see these devices, we've got no clue yet. The original Huawei Watch GT models appeared just a few months ago, but it sounds as though the new editions are imminent.

Pricing-wise, the rumor is that we'll see an increase – €249 (about $280 / £215 / AU$395) for the Active, and €229 (about $255 / £200 / AU$365) for the Elegant. That's up from €199 for the original.

That price bump might suggest some extra sensors or functionality, but as yet there's no indication about the internal specs or features.

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