World's most advanced TV out December

Cell TV - a long time in the making
Cell TV - a long time in the making

Toshiba's Cell TV looks to be made a reality this year, after the company confirmed it will be released in Japan this December.

First shown to TechRadar back in January 2008 – with more information released at CES 2009 – Cell TV is Toshiba's effort to make the most advanced television on the market.

Coming complete with a 64-bit Cell processor (currently found in the Sony PlayStation 3) the telly houses resolution four times greater than 1080p Full HD (3,840 x 2,160p) and it will come equipped with a 1.1TB PVR, so you can record your favourite TV shows in the utmost clarity - or up to six HD channels simultaneously.

Ultimate entertainment machine

Speaking about Cell TV, Masaaki Oosumi, president of Toshiba's Digital Media Network Company said to Smarthouse: "It will be Toshiba's flagship model in the true sense.

"It is the ultimate entertainment machine that brings more excitement than a movie in a theatre. I would like to let users experience the same sensation as they felt by watching a colour TV for the first time."

There's no word yet on pricing, but when Oosumi was asked he said it would be "fairly expensive," which probably means 'really expensive'.

As for a UK date, don't hold you breath, but again Oosumi did hint at other products in the Toshiba pipeline, which utilise the power of the Cell processor.

Consider us very excited.

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