Roku hits UK - brings iPlayer, Netflix and HD streaming

Roku hits UK, brings iPlayer, Netflix, HD streaming
The Roku 2 XS is double the XS

Roku is finally bringing its brand of titchy set-top media streamers to the UK and bringing BBC iPlayer with it.

Having been around in the US for years, the Roku boxes are now set to nestle beneath British televisions, allowing for streaming of iPlayer, Netflix, Crackle and a number of other web-based broadcasts to your TV.

Brits have the choice of two boxes: the Roku L T which is a snip at £49.99 and allows for 720p video. Double the price to £99.99 and you'll be in for 1080p streaming and a Bluetooth motion controller.

You can use that motion controller for the gaming element of the Roku, which includes the near-obligatory Angry Birds among others.

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This is just the beginning for the UK's Roku adventures though, as Clive Hudson, VP and general manager for Europe at Roku explains: "Roku recognises the importance of region-specific programmes so today we are excited to announce the addition of BBC iPlayer to our platform.

"This is among the first of many significant content partnerships for Roku in Europe and we look forward to making additional announcements in the coming weeks."

US users have access to the likes of Amazon Instant Video which we're hoping speaks of an imminent Lovefilm announcement on this side of the pond.

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