Denon to launch 'Imperial Death Star'

Denon's Imperial Death Star home cinema rig is an imposing beast

Denon is set to unveil its new flagship A1HD Combo home cinema pre/power system – otherwise known as the Imperial Death Star – at the

Bristol Sound and Vision Show

this weekend.

The two-box system is comprised of the VP-A1HD THX Ultra2 Reference Class AV Pre/Processor and the POA-A1HD THX Ultra2 Reference Class 10-Channel power Amp. Costing a cool £5k each, the full system will set you back £10k.

Most advanced home cinema available

But, oh what a system… Reportedly able to deliver 3,000 watts of hi-def home cinema action, Denon is already claiming it to be: “the most advanced, most powerful and best-sounding home cinema system available".

Until the company sends us a review sample, we’ll just have to take its word on that.

Breaking things down a bit, the AVP-A1HD pre-amp offers balanced XLR out, advanced AL24 multi channel and a music enhancer for compressed audio. It also supports all high-def audio and video standards and has built in Wi-Fi, USB and iPod connectivity along with six HDMI 1.3 inputs and outputs.

Meanwhile, the POA-A1HD power amp is capable of driving ten 300watt speakers, with full support for Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD, Deep Colour, avYCC and auto lip sync.

Darth Vadar would, no doubt, be most impressed.