CES 2010: Sony prepping new OLED TV?

OLED part of Sony's plans next year? Looks likely
OLED part of Sony's plans next year? Looks likely

Sony looks set to offer up another helping of OLED TVs, with rumours that the company is looking to unveil a brand-new line-up at next year's CES.

A document has been leaked which reportedly unveils Sony's TV plans for 2010/2011 and at the bottom of the list is something which is described as a KDL-ZX Series OLED.

OLED lining

Currently, Sony's ZX range consists of its edge-lit LED TVs – these come with MotionFlow 200Hz and are the company's thinnest large-screen televisions.

The only OLED TV the company has released – and still the only one on the market until LG releases its offering – is the 11-inch XEL-1.

If Sony is committed to the technology (and there was news that it was wavering) then unveiling a new screen at CES would fit the usual timeline of updating product lines.

The supposedly leaked pages are said two be just to of a 24-page document. If this is the case, then expect a mountain of AV goodies to be released by the company over the next year.

And if it does turn out that Sony is releasing a brand-spanking new update of its OLED range, then the display could be an object of desire in a show that's going to be more streamlined than usual.

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