The new £2,000 LP12!

Linn Majik

Linn Products, maker of world’s most iconic turntable – the Linn Sondek LP12 – has announced details of a new, affordable LP12 version.

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of this treasured turntable, Linn has released an ‘entry-level’ version, called the ‘Majik’ in line with the company’s similarly named electronics range.

Oh no, it's Majik

The Majik LP12, which is competitively priced at £2,000, is a basic version of the popular deck, retaining the standard LP12 turntable, with a simple new internal power supply (33rpm only).

It will also feature a solid baseboard, Linn Adikt moving magnet cartridge and interestingly, a Pro-Ject 9cc carbon tonearm – a tie-in that the Czech manufacturer is delighted with.

Naturally, the Majik LP12 is fully compatible with the wide range of aftermarket parts that are available for the Sondek.

It is, therefore, possible to upgrade the standard £2,000 Majik to a full Sondek LP12 ‘SE’ specification, by adding a Keel sub-chassis, Ekos SE tone arm, Lingo power supply, Trampolin baseboard and Akiva MC cartridge. This will take the £2,000 cost up to £10,000, however!

Other components in Linn’s Majik range include the Majik Kontrol preamp and Majik-I integrated amp, both of which feature a high-quality phono stage for use with the Majik LP12.

Combined with the Majik 140 speakers there’s the making of a system fit for David Copperfield.