Here’s when you can order Tesla’s sleek, money-saving solar roof

Tesla will begin taking orders for its new solar roof starting next month, CEO Elon Musk revealed on Friday.

Answering a question on Twitter as to when the "Solar Shingles" will be available, Musk simply replied: "Start taking orders in April".

The sun-sapping, energy-saving roof isn't like the typical solar roof we're accustomed to, where the panels are raised up above a house. 

Instead, Tesla's tech (built by SolarCity, which Tesla owns) look like shingles themselves, sitting flush and blending in with the house. The glass shingles will even available in different styles, namely slate, Tuscan, textured and smooth.

Tesla claims its new solar roof will be cheaper to manufacturer and install than a traditional roof. Not only will this save you money upfront, but your energy bill should also take a dip due power coming from, you know, the sun rather than gas or electricity.

Tesla, best known for making electric cars like the Model S and X, has in recent months expanded into new ventures in order to fulfill a mission of moving society off a dependency on oil and coal and onto cleaner energy sources. 

The company closed a deal to buy SolarCity last year, and in February changed its name from Tesla Motors, Inc. to Tesla, Inc. in order to reflect its broader product portfolio and ambitions.

If you're interested in Tesla's new solar roof, you can sign up to get updates on Tesla's website

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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