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Google's Nest Hello Doorbell can now keep an eye on your packages

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Google is rolling out an update to its Nest Hello Smart Doorbell camera that will allow them to detect when a package is delivered. The feature will begin rolling out today, but only in the US and only to folks who have a Nest Aware subscription. 

According to Google, the update to the smart cam will allow it to detect when a package is delivered and when it’s picked up by someone, and send you a notification for both events. 

All of this should happen automatically however, if your front porch is poorly lit or hard to recognize, Google is recommending that you draw an activity zone around the area where packages are delivered to facilitate more accurate tracking. 

That said, if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t need a notification every time an Amazon package is delivered you can turn the feature off from the Nest app’s home screen.

Google gets one step closer to Amazon

If this all sounds familiar, it might be because you've heard of Amazon Key before. Unlike the Nest Hello that sits outside, Key uses the Amazon Cloud Cam that sits inside your house and can be used in conjunction with a smart lock to let an Amazon delivery person into your home to drop off a package and watch it in real time.

The limitation of Amazon's system is that it only works with Amazon packages and delivery drivers, and requires the Amazon Cloud Cam.

While Google's suite of Nest products isn't to the point yet where packages can be delivered inside the house, this doorstep view with notifications is a very good start.

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