Google Street View won't be capturing Indian cities, monuments

Google Street View (opens in new tab), the application wihich allows users to explore cities and tourist spots through 360-degree panoramic and street-level imagery, recently approached the government with a proposal to apply the same concept to Indian tourist spots. 

The Lok Sabha was informed that the proposal, submitted by Hansraj Gangaram Ahir (Union Minister for Home Affairs), was rejected by the government today. The request had been submitted way back in July 2015 so that users could have street view of public areas and experience them without having to physically be there. 

Initially Google did have permission to capture a few locations. On an experimental basis, tourist sites like the Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Mysore Palace and Nalanda University among others, could be documented in partnership with the Archaeological Society of India (ASI).

Google street view - JNU

Google street view - JNU

Google had plans of expanding and using the app to capture Indian cities, hills and rivers in 3D.

SInce its launch in 2007, the app has been used extensively in countries like the US, Canada and members of the European Union. It’s used in collaboration with Google Maps and Google Earth to provide a 360-degree view of streets and monuments.

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