Google Pixel 2 tipped to be more powerful than LG G6 and HTC U11

There’s no doubt the Pixel 2 will be a powerful phone, but it could be more powerful than any other handset at launch, at least when it comes to chipset, as it’s rumored to be the first phone to use the Snapdragon 836.

That’s according to ‘industry friends’ of Fudzilla and would make for a slight improvement on the Snapdragon 835 used by many of this year’s flagships, such as the Sony Xperia XZ Premium and HTC U11.

This isn’t likely to make a huge difference, but should lead to a slight boost to the maximum clock speeds of both CPU and GPU, over what’s already a very fast chip, making for a performance increase of around 10%. The Snapdragon 836 is also likely to slightly improve battery life.

Believably fast

While only a rumor at this point it’s a very believable one, as the same thing happened with the original Pixel, which was the first phone to get the Snapdragon 821 when many flagships last year used the Snapdragon 820.

So, if you want the very fastest phone around it could be worth waiting until October for the Pixel 2 (and Pixel 2 XL, which will presumably also use the Snapdragon 836).

The report adds that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which is expected to launch before the Pixel 2 in August or September, will likely use the Snapdragon 835, though outside the US it will probably use Exynos chips anyway, just like the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Regardless, hopefully you haven’t upgraded yet this year, because with the iPhone 8 around the corner too the next few months are set to be packed full of exciting, powerful phones.

Via Android Central

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