Google Photos leak hints at an intriguing new feature

Google Photos
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A sharp-eyed user has reportedly noticed a brand new section within the Search tab in Google Photos, dedicated to images of documents.

As show in screenshots published online, the new Documents section is nestled between the three existing tabs: People, Places, and Things.

The new section appears to collect all images of signs, screenshots, posters, handwriting, notebook, text messaging, bulletin boards, display boards, post-its, and more. TechRadar Exclusive
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While you can currently use the search function to find images of this kind within Photos, having a dedicated section will be a timer saver and quite advantageous to anyone who regularly takes pictures of written text.

Wider integration

Don’t rush to fire up your Google Photos app to check for the new section, though, as it hasn’t yet been rolled out to all users.

In fact, in the absence of any official word about the new section from Google, it appears that it is still under development. 

Screenshot of an under development Google Photos feature

(Image credit: Rohit Ghusain)

Also, while the screenshots are of the mobile app, the new section, if and when it rolls out, should also be available on the web version of Google Photos.

Chrome Unboxed proposed that since all of the Google Cloud storage is now unified under Google One, the new Documents section perhaps signals the beginning of Google’s intentions to help users migrate the photos of documents over to Google Drive, where they can be acted upon using the recently introduced Stack document scanner.

Via Chrome Unboxed

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