Google Maps will let you add new roads

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If you’ve ever found yourself taking a road that Google Maps hasn’t heard of, its upcoming update could be one you’ve been waiting for, as you'll finally have the ability to add new roads to the platform.

In a blog post, Google announced that users will also be able to rename roads, change road directionality and alter or delete existing roads. However, if you’re worried about people messing around and adding incorrect information, Google said it will vet any suggestions before publishing them - though we don’t know how accurate or fast its vetting will be.

Regardless, this new Google Maps tool should make navigating using Google Maps easier than before. The feature will gradually be rolled out over the coming months in over 80 countries where you can already edit map information.

More Google Maps updates 

In the same post, Google also discussed other new features that will improve user’s ability to add new content to its Google Maps service.

Soon we’ll be able to more easily take and share images of places we’ve visited without having to leave a longer review. A new ‘Updates’ section at a location on Google Maps will let you see the recent pictures shared by patrons and merchants at various restaurants, hotels, and other sites.

For those who like giving longer feedback, a new challenge scheme could be for you. Currently only available on Android in the US the ‘Local Love challenge’ will task all users with adding reviews for their favorite local businesses. Depending on how this challenge goes, Google has said it could try similar campaigns in other parts of the world in the future.

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