Google Maps can take a leaf out of Instagram's updated maps feature

Instagram launches new maps feature that allows to discover more places from the app.
(Image credit: Instagram)
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Instagram has been rolling out a new feature for everyone that Google Maps can  implement in its app as well. Meta's social media app is fine-tuning the experience for users who like to discover places based on geotags. Previously, clicking on a location that has been tagged on a post will reveal information about the place and other posts on the platform.

Now, Instagram has added the functionality of creating guides and suggestions for users who love to discover new places when they travel. The app not only shows you all the posts tagged with the same location but also gives more details about businesses in the surrounding area. If someone tags a city to their post, you can view all the businesses and locations tagged by other members.

Additionally, if any of the businesses have their own Instagram pages, you can easily access them from the search results. Similar to Google Maps’ “search area”, users can zoom in or out of the map view and look for more places. You will also be able to filter the results as well. The feature is already live for many users on Android and iOS.

Instagram’s new maps updates: How to use it

Instagram launches new maps feature that allows to discover more places from the app.

(Image credit: Instagram)

In order to use the new features, you can do so in two ways. The first is simply clicking the location tagged on a post that you see. This is applicable to Reels and Stories too. Any geotag that you see will open all the related posts. You can also search for a location directly as well.

Now, once you’ve selected a location you can swipe down to expand the map. Pinch zoom in or out and you’ll see the option for “Search this area”. It will show multiple pins on the map. These are restaurants or cafes that have been tagged by many users. While the pins do get a bit too messy on screen, you can swipe up to see the list of all those locations. The top navigation strip provides you with options to filter the results.

Google Maps can learn from this

Google has the reputation of being the best in providing reliable search results. And its Maps app takes advantage of the plethora of information that it has on locations and businesses. But what it lacks is the social media element.

Google has not been great at creating a social media platform of its own. Google Maps currently relies on submissions from its Local Guides program. Depending on the ratings received for a business, it is suggested to users. Instagram on the other hand has a wide variety of content. But there are millions of content to browse through that would be time-consuming.

Google can integrate content from reputable sources into its search results within the map. For more local businesses, it will have to rely on the inputs received from users who do visit these places.

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