Google is ending support for the Google Drive desktop app – here's what to do

Google Backup & Sync

On May 12, Google is ending support for its Google Drive software for Windows and macOS (the change was originally scheduled for March 12, but has been pushed back).

Your Google Drive storage won't be affected in any way – all your documents will still be safe and sound – but you'll need to switch to the Backup & Sync app if you want to keep everything synced automatically between the cloud and your desktop.

This is true regardless of whether you have a free account or a paid one.

Back up anything, anywhere

Backup and Sync is more flexible than the old Google Drive app. Rather than just synchronising the contents of a single folder, Backup and Sync lets you choose individual files or whole directories from anywhere on your PC or Mac.

In Windows, this defaults to the contents of your desktop, plus your Documents and Pictures folders, but you're free to change this to whatever you want.

The Google Drive app should prompt you to switch before support ends on May 12, but you can also download Backup and Sync directly from Google

The change only applies to the desktop software; the Google Drive mobile apps for Android and iOS are unaffected.

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