Google Chrome browser now has more than 3 billion users

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The numbers are humungous. We are talking to about the percentage of people using the Google Chrome, which is practically the default browser for many. 

According to a research report, nearly 3.3 billion people (3,258,256,887, to be precise) use Google Chrome browser --- roughly 41% of internet users. It is the most popular browser by more than a metric mile. Its various customizable options and speed compared to other browsers are said to be the clinching reasons for its popularity.

These stats emerged in the findings of Atlas VPN team.

Firefox lays emphasis on privacy

Numbers for various browsers in the market

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The second most popular browser is Safari, with a total of 944,576,100 internet users. iPhone and Mac device users mostly work on Safari as Apple is behind it.

The popular Firefox is third on the list, with 181,435,430 people actively using it. Unlike other browsers, Firefox has laid much emphasis on user privacy.

Microsoft Edge is at fourth with 171,327,607 internet users. Edge natively supports Windows Information Protection (WIP), which protects corporate data to help prevent accidental leaks by users on popular Windows 10 devices.

In a related note it can be recalled that more than two decades after the epic browser wars of the 1990s, Microsoft recently announced that the iconic Internet Explorer will be retired next year, in favour of the newer, faster, more secure Edge browser.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer will finally join Netscape Navigator in the great scrap heap of history.

In fifth and sixth places are the Samsung Internet and Opera browsers. They have 166,779,086 and 112,196,840 active users respectively.


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