Get the best SIM only deal to see every minute of World Cup 2018

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The World Cup is all set to, ahem, kick-off and already the chat has begun about how challenging it could be to watch on the go. No, we're not referring to streaming issues from connection or device speeds. For once this issue could be down to how much data you have.

According to a new study by smartphone retailer Fonehouse, Russia 2018 could cost you a whopping 28.8GB of your data allowance to watch all the games on the move. Since lots of games are at awkward work times, the company decided to find out just how much data games viewed exclusively on your smartphone would take up.

In a rather sobering judgement the research takes into account that England may be out of the World Cup in the earlier stages, meaning it could cost UK fans a meagre 1.8GB of data to catch all the England games - Fonehouse reckons they'll crash out in the last 16. 

Based on survival expectations, the likes of Saudi Arabia, Sweden and, yes the hosts, Russia could use the least data since they are expected to go out after their three group matches. That would mean around just 1.3GB of data is needed to keep an eye on these nations' efforts.

The biggest data needs will be for the predicted footballing heroes of France, Argentina, Brazil and Germany. If they do indeed manage seven games (all the way to the final or third-place playoff) each that'll add up to a hefty 3.15GB of data needed to watch.

Get the best SIM only deal to watch the World Cup on data alone

If you're planning to be one of the phone fans who watches the games from anywhere, it might be a good idea to get your data plan upgraded.

We've trawled the interwebs and beyond to find the best SIMO deals online. If you want to see the best deals for 30GB of data specifically, look no further, we've got it all laid out for you right here. Back of the net!

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